Handcrafted Horseshoe Nail Crosses
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Horseshoe Crosses:: Nail Cross Necklaces, Key Chains, and Zipper Pulls

Handcrafted Horseshoe Nail Crosses. 100% handmade in the USA.  Made from genuine horseshoe nails and color coated copper wires.  Available as Necklaces, Key Chains, Zipper Pulls. Customize your cross with a love charm or Guardian Wings!

Horseshoe Nail Crosses have been around a long time.  In fact the use horseshoe nails to make necklaces and pendants actually go as far back as the Middle Ages!  Some of the earliest forms of Horseshoe Nail Art can be credited to European Gypsies of this era.  A common trade among the gypsies was Blacksmith. Thus making them them the likely choice when a horse needed shoeing.  They often made talisman necklaces out of the horseshoe nails for their children.  It was believed that anything forged from fire harnessed magical powers that protected against evil.

Many of the crosses available here at HorseshoeCrosses.com have earned 5 Star Product Reviews on Amazon.  Plus continually maintain "Best Sellers"  and "Most Wished For " top 10 rankings in Jewelry Category: Girls' Religious Necklaces & Pendants".

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Here at Horseshoe Crosses, you will find a wide variety of Cross Designs.  With about 17 different colored wires to choose from, you are almost sure to find a cross necklace, key chain, or zipper pull that suits your taste.  These crosses make an excellent inexpensive gift for all ages and genders.  Rugged enough for boys... and delicate enough for girls.  

All the most popular color combinations and cross designs are available here.  If you don't see the colors you are looking for, please feel free to send a message on the contacts page.  It's quite possible a cross can be customized for you.


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