Handcrafted Horseshoe Nail Crosses
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Below are some frequently asked questions pertaining to the Horseshoe Nail Crosses.  If you still need assistance please feel free to send us a message using the Contact Us Tab.


Q: What colors do you have available?

A: There are 25 colors to choose from.
Red Copper Lime Light Pink Brown
Burgundy Hot Pink Blue Peacock Blue Black
Gold Amethyst Baby Blue Dark Blue Green
Orange Rose Seafoam Green Silver Titanium
Gunmetal White Dark Purple Yellow Lavender
Q: How do I view your entire inventory? 
A: Click on "Catalog"   Then click on any of the corresponding "Tags".  Example: The tag "Black", will pull up all the crosses tagged with color Black .
Q: Are your crosses made in the USA?
A: Yes.  Each cross is individually handcrafted in the USA by this seller.
Q: Do you offer Multi-Pack Deals in larger quantities at a discount?
A: Yes.  Use Contact form for a quote.  Provide PayPal email for a Custom Invoice.  (Other options coming soon)
Q: Are your crosses the same as on Amazon ?
A: Yes.  These are the same crosses that are offered on Amazon. If you are an Amazon member you can use your Amazon Account to make your purchase here by selecting "Pay with Amazon" button at check-out.
Q: Will the Cross Rust?
A: Honest Answer... Yes. Each cross is dipped in a solution that is intended to resist corrosion, but there is no way to completely eliminate the possibility of tarnishing or corrosion.   (Even precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc will lose luster over time) The crosses are made with real steel horseshoe nails.  Direct exposure to water increases the likelihood of tarnishing and mild corrosion.  It's recommended to remove the necklace when bathing or swimming.  For added protection, you can apply a coat of clear gloss nail polish.
Q: Do you Guarantee the quality of your crosses?
A: Yes. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply return it for a full refund or replacement. Please contact us if there are any issues with your purchase.  
Q: The adjustable knots on Necklace cord came untied or won't adjust right... what do I do?
A: There are a number of options.  First, you can exchange the cross for a new one.  Send the necklace back to me, and I'll ship you a new one.  (I can polish and re-use the nails from the old cross to cover the expense of sending a replacement.)  If you prefer to repair the necklace on your own (faster)... necklace cords can be purchased inexpensively at a local craft shop like Michael's, Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, JoAnne Fabrics, even Walmart's Craft section. The adjustable knot is called a "Double Fisherman's Knot".  There are a number of videos on Youtube that easily demonstrate how to tie this knot. (Horseshoe Nail Cross Video coming soon)
Q: Do you offer Cross Necklaces with metal chain instead of necklace cord?
A: No.  The adjustable feature of the cord makes the cross necklace more convenient and universally accepted. Using a metal chain would make the cross more expensive to offer.  The Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklace is not really designed to accommodate a metal chain.  The flexible cord slips nicely through the top loops of the cross.  Most metal chains do not have flexibility needed to slip through the loops and allow the cross to hang freely.  
One alternative is the Horseshoe Nail Cross Key Chains.  The Key Chains include small jump-rings attached to the top loops of the cross. Remove the Key Chain portion and the crosses essentially becomes a Horseshoe Nail Cross Pendant with the jump-rings attached.  Horseshoe Nail Cross Pendants with jump-rings attached are available. (At the present time, this seller does not offer chains for these pendants.)
Q: Do you ship UPS / FedEx / or have Next Day Air?
A: No.  All orders are shipped USPS only.  Most orders ship USPS 1st Class Mail with bar-coded tracking labels.  If you purchase 9 or more crosses, shipping is upgraded to USPS Priority Mail at no extra charge.  USPS offers the best rates for this type of lightweight product.  
Q: How fast do you ship orders?
A: 24-48 hours is generally needed to prepare an order.  Orders are received daily through Amazon.  Each cross is personally and individually handcrafted.  An order might experience a delay in shipment if a response from buyer is needed.  If you don't express your color preferences, your crosses will be crafted according to the Product Image shown on the page.